Brian was a sixteen your old boy at Paulus school in Bandung. Coach Inno starting coaching at the school and then he decided to use the Pledge United curriculum with the teenage boys at this school. Very quickly the attitude off the boys towards the female teachers, and female pupils started to change. Thanks to this programme the whole atmosphere within the school was improving. One of the 18 boys that it was impacting was Brian. Brian, like many teenage boys had never thought about this attitude towards the girls in her class or in his community. Thanks to the Pledge United programme he has learned that women are they to cared, protected and respected.

Within Pledge United we also believe in the power of young people. We challenge the boys not just to change their thinking but to influences others and become agents of change for their community and school. Now Brian is leading that movement within his school and now volunteers to be a coach when we do other Pledge United programmes.

To find out more about the impact of Pledge United on that school, see this short video …

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