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10 March 2019, 90 Young Men #PLEDGE2RESPECT in Subang, West Java

Pledge United conducted a Coaching Clinic in Subang, West Java. 90 boys were joined and #PLEDGE2RESPECT. They learned about how to respect women and how to be a real man through football session. “I want to start with a small thing that is respecting my mom and my siblings.” Said Sigit, one of the boys after Coaching Clinic. This time we partner with local football community, Komunitas Subang – GO. If we truly want to impact Indonesia, it will only happen when we work with other organisations and build a better Indonesia.

Doc. by: Komunitas Subang – GO.

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Pledge United Movement

Pledge united is an eight-week program with curriculum that is split into two parts. First part teaches the teenage boys about the issue of gender based violence within Indonesia. The second part inspire the boys to become leaders in their communities for gender equality as we encourage them to stand up and speak out about the rights of women. With playing football. All coaches are trained on coach education as well as football skills. The program concludes when everyone involved comes together at the pledge united cup where we play a tournament and stand together as a city to #PLEDGE2RESPECT.

If we want to change the behavior of young men, then football is a great way to connect with them. Football is a huge part of Indonesian culture, therefore also reflects the sexist attitudes that are rife within Indonesian society. Our dream though is to try and use football to challenge those beliefs and make Indonesian a safe place for all.

Gender Based Violence Quiz

Gender Based Violence Quiz

Every Indonesian girl has the right to not live in fear.
To be able to walk down the street and not be worried what people might say, or do. Take this gender based violence quiz to test how well do you know the issue.

Correct Answers
According to the Singapore based research company Value Champion Indonesia is the
second third
most dangerous country for women in the Asia Pacific region
50% of men did their first offence when they were
teenagers adults
The United Nations did their own study into rape within Asia and found that levels as high as
12% 26%
of men admitted to raping a woman within Indonesia
A nationwide survey conducted by Statistics Indonesia (BPS) and commisioned by the Women's Empowerment and Child Protection Ministry found that
1 in 3 women 1 in 4 women
in Indonesia suffered violence in their lifetime